Our Panel Boot Victoria

In 1967, Patterson Transfer Co. donated the panel boot Victoria carriage displayed at the exit of the Memphis history gallery. The Brewster Carriage Company built the vehicle in 1902, and sold it new for $1,300 ( roughly $30,000 in today’s currency). Our panel boot Victoria was owned by Robert E. Galloway, the president of Patterson … More Our Panel Boot Victoria

Memphis’ Most Versatile Art Collector

Louis Phillip Wulff has the honor of being the Memphis Museum’s (Pink Palace’s) most frequent donor. Wulff was a professional interior designer and a world traveler. He was also a painter who served on the museum’s Advisory Board from 1934-5 and 1950-6. His broad interests led him to collect documents, fighting equipment, stamps and natural … More Memphis’ Most Versatile Art Collector

Sister Suffragette

A major political battle that took place in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries was the fight over women’s right to vote. In Memphis, Martha Elizabeth Moore Allen was one of the city’s most prominent suffragettes. She was born in in 1851 in Plymouth, Indiana, and later married Jacob Davis Allen. Mrs. Allen first … More Sister Suffragette

Total Lunar Eclipse Totally Visible September 27, 2015

Eclipses once filled our primitive ancestors with fear and foreboding. Science has changed that, we no longer fear eclipses, in fact, lunar eclipses can be fun! Sunday night, September 27, present-day Memphians will see one of the best total lunar eclipses in years. The most visible phases of the eclipse begin at 8:07 pm. “You … More Total Lunar Eclipse Totally Visible September 27, 2015