Indigenous Ecuador

¡Haga clic aquí para Español! In order to understand Ecuador today, we must first look at its long and rich past, much of which falls in an era that archaeologists call prehistory.  Prehistory is the time before the invention of writing, so instead of looking at documents to learn what happened, we must rely on … More Indigenous Ecuador

El Ecuador Indígena

Click here for an English version! Para entender el Ecuador de hoy, primero debemos considerar su largo y rico pasado, que en granparte cae en una era llamada prehistoria por los arqueólogos. La prehistoria es el momento anterior a la invención de la escritura, por lo que en vez de consultar documentos de esa época para saber quésucedió, debemos confiar … More El Ecuador Indígena

Spooky Space!

In October my thoughts always turn to things dark and spooky. Maybe it is because I see the greatest changes toward the darkness of the coming winter. I find myself often resetting my light timers earlier each day. The sun sets earlier but it also rises later and so it seems unfair that the alarm … More Spooky Space!

Search Our Collection!

The Memphis Pink Palace Museum has roughly 84,000 objects in our collection, of which 10-15% are on display. That means that there are tens of thousands of objects that regular visitors could not access. Tammy Braithwaite, our collections registrar, is in charge of keeping track of all of these artifacts. Over the past year, she … More Search Our Collection!