A Collection of Jars

The Memphis Pink Palace Museum has a wide variety of objects in our permanent collection, including a biological collection of organic specimen in jars. The “wet collection” is stored in fluid, usually a pure alcohol solution or a mixture of alcohol, formaldehyde and acetic acid. The specific type of liquid depends on the developmental stage … More A Collection of Jars

“Floppsy Woppsy is Dead, Dead, Dead!”

When the first Piggly Wiggly opened in 1916, it had a cousin named Floppsy Woppsy. The Floppsy Woppsy was a fruit window located inside the lobby of the original stores. It carried grapes, citrus, peaches, apples, pears and cantaloupes (but never watermelons). Floppsy Woppsy turned out to be a flop. In June 1917, Saunders pronounced, … More “Floppsy Woppsy is Dead, Dead, Dead!”


As a home to 63 family members, slaves and servants since 1852 and as a museum for countless touring visitors since 1973, the Mallory-Neely House is now 163 years old and is ready for a window face lift. SO, WHAT’S SO IMPORTANT ABOUT THE WINDOWS? Lots of things. Windows provide a visual connection to the … More IT’S BEEN 163 YEARS. IT MIGHT BE ABOUT TIME TO REPAIR THE WINDOWS…

Memphis Censors Comics

1954 was an unpleasant year for the comic book industry. In the spring, psychiatrist Dr. Fredric Wertham published Seduction of the Innocent, a scathing assessment of superhero, crime and horror comics. He asserted that these books were not safe for young people because of their corrupting factors. This influence made them a leading cause of … More Memphis Censors Comics