What’s in a Name?

Owners name buildings to give them identities and personalities. Once a building becomes part of the public domain, however, control over both the name and the character of the structure are largely out of their control. This occurrence is made clear in the case of this museum’s name. When Clarence Saunders planned his behemoth mansion, … More What’s in a Name?

WWII at the Museum

In the fall of 1940, war was underway in Europe, and President Franklin D. Roosevelt instituted the first peacetime draft in American history. In November 1940, the Museum Advisory Board received a request to make space available in the Memphis Museum (now called the Pink Palace) for Draft Board #12. The Draft Board moved into … More WWII at the Museum

Undercover Bird Man

When the Pink Palace opened its doors in 1930 as the Memphis Museum of Natural History and Industrial Arts, there were not a lot of objects in the collection. In fact, the museum opened on March 8, 1930 with little fanfare other than two small news articles. Only three rooms had partially finished exhibits. The … More Undercover Bird Man

Hunting for Memphis

Pink Palace visitors from 1948 to 1975 were fond of visiting the Berry B. Brooks African Hall. Brooks was a respected Memphian with a reputation as a huntsman, naturalist and conservationist. He was also a civic leader who was generous with his time, finances and big game trophies. Brooks was born in Senatobia, Mississippi, in … More Hunting for Memphis