The Callicott Murals

  The Great Depression began with the stock market crash on October 27, 1929 and lasted until the production boom that accompanied the onset of World War II. Franklin Delano Roosevelt developed the federal New Deal programs in 1933. These programs became the “alphabet soup” agencies, created with the intent to stimulate the economy, help … More The Callicott Murals

The Skunks’ Saga

In October 1955, a de-scented skunk was donated to the museum for use in educational children’s programs. Mrs. Bush, the museum director, held a contest at the first children’s program of the season to name the skunk. The Museum Advisory Board chose Holmes Ryan’s suggestion of Rosebud as the winner, and he was given a … More The Skunks’ Saga

Memphis’ First Museum

The first museum in Memphis was a room on the second floor of the tower over the entrance to the Cossitt Library. The Cossitt Library was completed in 1893 and was funded though the bequest of Frederick Cossitt. Cossitt was a Connecticut born entrepreneur who maintained a wholesale dry goods business in Memphis until the … More Memphis’ First Museum